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Bulls for sale

We have ongoing sales of bulls for breeding. If you are interested in good animals with high indexes, please feel free to contact us.

Bloksdal Tur Beau41422/06/2022Neptune JCBloksdal Mirabelle -ET59 kg
417 kg
641 kg
Bloksdal Taurus41704/10/2022Neptune JCBloksdal Jelana57 kg
447 kg
694 kg
Bloksdal Uman42311/05/2023Bloksdal MAtador - ET V.B.Bloksdal MiLady48 kg

Bloksdal Utrillo42510/10/2023Utrillo-BPBloksdal Pippi V.B.45 kg

Bloksdal Up P42604/11/2023LorsiniBloksdal Superb P40 kg

Bloksdal Uvejr P V.B.42710/11/2023Uvejr av StrömsnäsIris de Bat58 kg

Bloksdal Uefa P42817/11/2023Nobel PPBloksdal Miva52 kg