We have bought a new bull

He is bought at Hvirring Charolais from Jette and Bjarne Pagh. The bull, named Tornado P, is after the French polled bull Indou PP (Cabar P x Faustine) and Polka Hvirring P (Chic x Katrine Hvirring P). He was born on 6 March 2022 and today weighs an impressive 570 kg. It is a polled bull that we think is very exciting and with a great temperament.

Pedigree score

Today we had a visit from progeny inspector Torben Andersen from Seges, where we were awarded five cows.

They were all rated between 84 and 88 overall, which we are very pleased with. The best cow this time was our 2-calf cow Bloksdal Opal (Cristal-DK x Bloksdal Hæmatit).

All our adult animals in the herd have now been awarded again and the average is 86.0 (the national average is 80.0). Our three best rated are, in addition to Bloksdal Opal, our current bull Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. and his full sister Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET which are both by Vaillant x Anabelle and bought as embryos from Elevage Sallé charolais

Another polled bull calf

Bloksdal Miva (Bloksdal Juvel x Bloksdal Diva) gota polled bull calf today.

Miva also had a polled bull calf Bloksdal Ronaldo P (Japon Sc) in 2019, which won the title, best young bull, at the show in Aars (Kimbrerskuet 2021). This calving went just like the previous four calvings, so that Miva gave birth to the calf herself without help. Miva has also been appointed by Denmark’s Charolais Association as a potential bull mother and this time has a calf by Iceberg PP (Forgeot P x Flamme P).

The calf weighed 58 kg at birth, will be number 420 and will be named Bloksdal Tarzan P.

Denmark’s best Charolais heifer has become a cow

At The National Show this summer, the French judge David Riviere awarded Bloksdal Piña Colada (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Liqueur) the title “best Charolais heifer”.

This she is no longer, as she has now calved for the first time and has thereby become a cow. She has become the mother of not just one fresh polled bull calf, but actually two of her kind. She gave birth to the first calf herself without any problems, but got a little help when we discovered there were twins.

The calf’s father is the polled bull Gustav av Skalltorp. The calves weighed respectively 38 and 42 kg at birth and must be called Bloksdal Thor P V.B. (418) and Bloksdal Tuborg P V.B. (419).

Active Charolais breeding herd

This week we have once again passed and received a certificate that we are a breeding herd.

We were involved from the start in 2000, so this is the 23rd time we have received this certificate, which we at Bloksdal Charolais are very proud of.

Another sale

At the weekend we sold and delivered another animal for further breeding.
This time it was Bloksdal Pippi V.B.’s (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Holly V.B.) calf from 13 October after VB Gustav. The calf is polled and is called Bloksdal Svend P V.B.
He has been sold to Skårhøjgård Aps from Gistrup. We hope that Svend and Walther Skårhøj will be a good match, wish them luck and say thank you for the deal.

Home from Kimbrerskuet 2022

We have now safely returned home and can reflect on another good show. We exhibited with four catalog numbers, all of which were given good marks by danish judge Søren Hauge.

On Friday, the first animal to be judged was Bloksdal Swarovski (UtrilloMic x Bloksdal Opal). He was in a group with five other fantastic young bulls. It is rarely seen that the quality of young bulls in Denmark has been so high, and in fact the group also included the later overall Champion for Charolais. Swarovski was fifth in the group with 22 points, as unfortunately he was not going well for the assessment. He was otherwise fine with both weight and size. We later sold Swarovski to Jan Stistrup from Hobro at the show. We hope that Swarovski and Jan will be a good match, wish you luck and thank you for the deal.

The next animal in line was Bloksdal Special Lady (Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal MiLady). She was in a difficult group with six other good heifers. Difficult because Special Lady was the youngest, and the others were up to three months older. Fortunately, Special Lady did well and won the group with 23 points. She was therefore later to participate in the honorary prize competition.

The next was Bloksdal Rosabelle (Glasgow x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET). She was in a group of nine good heifers, where there were like three that stood out. Rosabelle was among them. She got 23 points and was also later to participate in the honorable mention competition.

The last animal in the line was Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) with her calf Tur Beau after Neptune (I love you x Fabtazia). She was in a grup with two other large cows with calves. She came second and got 23 points, but didn’t have to take part in the honorary prize competition, which we are a little confused about.

For the honorary prize competition, there were 21 catalog numbers, which had to be cut down to 11 award-winning animals. Bloksdal Rosabelle was placed as number 12 and therefore did not receive an honorary prize. Special Lady ended up in the final and came in smoke and steam. She got a very nice ranking as number three and second best heifer at the show.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped make the days at the Kimbrerskuet some good days, we from Bloksdal Charolais have at least enjoyed all the days in Aars. We would like to congratulate everyone on their prizes and placings.

REMEMBER you can see or review the assessment from our live broadcast on our facebook sit and see pictures in the photo album “Kimbrerskuet 2022”.

Two new herd members

Approximately 48 hours apart, this week we have expanded the herd with two lovely calves.

First it was Kristina’s cow Bloksdal Pippi V.B. (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Holly V.B.) who had her second calf. She herself gave birth to the 46 kg bull calf by Major (Berlioz x Charmille). Kristina has decided that the calf will be called Bloksdal Tommy V.B. (416).

About two days later, Bloksdal Jelana (Utrillo-BP x Bloksdal Elana -ET) had a calf. She also had a bull calf and also gave birth to the calf herself. The calf is by Neptune (I Love You x Fabtazia). The calf weighed 57 kg at birth, will be numbered 417 and will be called Bloksdal Taurus.

Sale of breeding animals

We have sold Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET (Bourgogne x Bloksdal Hæmatit) and her calf Bloksdal Surprice (Major x to Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET) to Hans Thomsen from Læsø.

We hope that Jæmatit, Surprice and Hans will be a good match, wish you luck and thank you for the deal.

Show: Kimbrerskuet 2022

True to tradition, Bloksdal Charolais participates in the show in Aars on 7 and 8 October.

This year we have chosen to participate with four catalog numbers (five animals).

First animal is a debutant, Bloksdal Swarovski (412) from 12/12/2021. He is after UtrilloMic and Bloksdal Opal. After that, there are well-known names such as Bloksdal Special Lady (403), which is from 02/04/2021. She is by Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. and Bloksdal MiLady and was exhibited both in Hjørring and at the National Show with good results. The next animal in the line is Bloksdal Rosabelle, she is from 10/12/2020. She is after Glasgow and Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET and has previously done well at e.g. Kimberskuet.

The last animal in the line is Rosabelle’s mother Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET. She is from 03/12/2016 and is after Vaillant and Anabelle. She is exhibited with her calf Tur Beau (414) from 22/06/2022, which is by the French top bull Neptune.

We are looking forward to coming to the show again and exhibiting our lovely animals and again being together with good friends and colleagues.