Third polled calf in one month

High on the result of the show we attended this weekend, we completely forgot to tell that we also got a new calf.
Kristina’s heifer, Bloksdal Pippi V.B. (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Holly V.B.), gave birth to a bull calf on Saturday night. The calf is after the Swedish polled bull, VB Gustav. The weighed 35 kg at birth gets number 409 and must be named Bloksdal Svend P.

Returned from a fantastic show in Aars.

The Kimbrerskuet 2021 was a great success for Bloksdal Charolais. We exhibited five catalog numbers. The first animal in the ring was Bloksdal Ronaldo P (Japon Sc x Bloksdal Miva). Ronaldo was in a team with three other good bulls, where he got good characterization from the French referee and got 23 points. The next animal in the ring was Bloksdal Roman (Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal MiLady). Roman is a different type of bull than Ronaldo, and the judge thinks he had a bit too rough limbs, but lots of meat in the right places. The next animal was the Bloksdal Rosabelle (Glasgow x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET). She was in a large team with eight other amazing heifers. She ends up as threes in the team, but ran close between the top three. The next heifer was Bloksdal Piña Colada (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Liqueur). She was in a team with four other good heifers. She won the team and got 23 points. Finally, Bloksdal MiLady (Bloksdal Jewel x Bloksdal Unak -ET) was in the ring with her calf Special Lady. She was in a team with two other cows with a calf and won her team with 23p. It therefore ended up that all our five exhibited catalog numbers were going to an honorary prize competition. Here it was pointed out from the morning that it was a new competition, and that there could therefore be good exchanges around the animals in relation to the assessment earlier in the day. For the honorary prize competition, it ends up that Bloksdal Ronaldo P is shown the fifth best animal and gets the title of the show’s best younger bull. In addition, Bloksdal MiLady and her calf Special Lady will be number eight and therefore also received an honorary award. Pina Colada and Rosabelle were placed as numbers 10 and 13. We chose to have both Roman and Ronaldo for sale and they were both sold. Congratulations and thanks for the deal to Rene Andersen in Vejen and Tommy Jensen in Havndal. All in all, a great weekend for us. It was great to come to the show again and meet good friends and colleagues. Bloksdal Charolais congratulates everyone on their prizes and rankings.

// The pictures we took at the show will hopefully be posted here on the page and on our facebook pages in the coming week. In the meantime, you can watch or re-watch our live broadcasts from the judging and the honorary prize competition on facebook.

New polled calf

Today we have another new polled heifer calf. This time the father was the French polled bull Japon Sc. The mother was Anders ’cow Bloksdal Miva (Bloksdal Juvel x Bloksdal Diva). Due to its high S-index of 123, Miva has been selected as a potential bull mother by the Danish Charolais Association. Among other things, she has the high S-index. gained by being an amazing mother, which she also turned out to be this time. She gave birth to the 54 kg calf herself without help. The calf was fresh and after a short time was even up to get milk. Anders has decided that the calf should be named Bloksdal Silvia P (408).

Polled calf

Today we got another new Bloksdal member. Bloksdal Olana (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Jelena) got a calf. Olana had calved herself when Karsten came out in the morning to feed. The calf is a polled heifer calf after Uvejr Av Strömsnäs and weighs 43 kg at birth. It will be no. 407 and will be called Bloksdal Solana P.

Hoof trimming

Yesterday we had a visit from our hoof pruner, Fjellerad Klovbeskæring by Palle Christiansen. We have pruned several of the animals that we will bring to the Kimbrerskuet as well as a few others that were not pruned in the spring.

Two calvings

We have been waiting for some time for Iris to have a calf – expected calving was 14 August. We have examined her several times for i.a. stock market slump, but everything seemed normal. The other day she unfortunately gives birth to a deformed bull calf of 55 kg. We suppose that’s why she’s gone over time.
A few days later we see that Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET (Bourgogne x Bloksdal Hæmatit) is in the field for itself at home at the farm. When we get down to her she has just got a fresh heifer calf after Major (Berlioz x Charmille) of 52 kg. The calf will be number 406 and will be called Bloksdal Surprice.

Waiting for calving

While we wait for the autumn weather, we are also waiting for Kristina’s cow Iris de Bat from Karsten Kjærgaard to have a calf. She must have calf after the polled French bull Japon Sc. We have just slaughtered Iris’ bull calf from last year, which was after Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. (Bourgogne x Une Fleur). He weighed an amazing 401 kg slaughtered and went in classification 14 just 12.5 months old.

Kimbrerskuet 2021

The Kimbrerskuet announced for approx. 14 days ago that they plan to hold the annual show in Aars on 8-9. October 2021. We have pre-registered 4 catalog numbers and are currently figuring out who we should bring.

The National Show 2021

Yesterday and today we should have been in the manege with our animals for the National Show in Herning. This was again this year canceled due to the pandemic.
Fortunately, we have this good memory with Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) as a heifer in 2019. Time has passed and as you could see here on the facebook page yesterday, Mirabelle is now a big second calf cow.

Late in the season or early in the season?

That’s the good question. We usually have calving season from October to March, so the fact is that this calf is born outside our normal season. Fortunately and most importantly, we got a healthy and fresh calf and everything went as it should.
It is Martin’s heifer, Bloksdal Olympia (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Champion), who has had his first calf. The calf is a heifer calf of 45 kg after Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. (Vaillant x Anabelle).
It was Kristina and Martin who received the calf, together with Kristina’s good friend and colleague Karina, when Helle and Karsten were on a weekend in Southern Jutland.
The calf has genes from Elevage Sallé Charolais in two parts, as both Linux and Matador are embryos purchased from them. It is therefore obvious that the calf should be named Bloksdal Sallé Star and get no. 404.