Hoof trimming

As usual, we have had a visit from our regular hoof trimming, Fjellerad Hoof Trimming at Palle Christiansen. We do this at least once a year before the animals come to graze. We had several through the box, all of whom did well. Now we are just waiting for some better weather so that we can let some animals out into the meadows.

New calf

We got a little new calf this week. It is Martin’s cow Bloksdal MiLady (Vanggaard Daddy -ET x Bloksdal Unak -ET) that
has had another calf. She also did that 333 days ago, which is a very nice calving interval. The calf is by the French bull Marechal (Izoard x Ironie), which the Danish Charolais Association has recommended as a show bull. It will therefore be exciting to follow he growth. MiLady is the mother of Special Lady, who got the magical 24 points at several shows in both 2022 and 2023.
Unfortunately, MiLady had problems with unblocking the mouth of the litter box. calving, which is why we had to have veterinary assistance. With their help, we got the 47 kg heifer calf out. The calf will be numbered 433 and will be called Bloksdal Venus de Lady.

Evaluation of animals

Last week we had a visit from Torben Andersen, who came and judged four 1st Calf cows and two bulls. The average for the six animals was 85.7 overall. All adult animals in our herd are now qualified, and the average is 86, which we are quite satisfied with (80 is the national average).

Bull for sale

Bloksdal TurBeau (Neptune JC x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET) from 22/06/2022 for sale.
We dare say that it is one of the most exciting things to be found in Denmark, a completely unique French lineage and a bull with a fantastic temperament.
His sire, Neptune JC, won the predicate best Charolais bull in 2019 and is a bull with a pedigree of some of the best from France.
TurBeau’s mother is Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle). Vaillant is also a highly recognized French bull with many show winners in France and Spain. His sire Port Royal is as well.
On the mother side there are, among other things, Major, who is probably the bull in Denmark that has bred the most honorary prize animals. Anabelle is Sylvette’s daughter. Sylvette, Une Fleur and Violette were all full siblings and great show and breeding cows at Elevage Sallé charolais.

Bull sold

We have sold Bloksdal Taurus (Neptune JC x Bloksdal Jelena) to Lars Thomsen, Frederikshavn.
Taurus’ father is Neptune JC (I Love You x Fabtazia), who in 2019 became Champion in Paris. Taurus’ mother Bloksdal Jelana (Utrillo-BP x Bloksdal Elana -ET) has known French and Danish animal show blood over the years.
It is therefore an incredibly exciting bull that we have sold. He also managed to prove his worth himself by becoming the second best young bull at the Kimbrerskuet in 2023.
We hope that Lars and Taurus will be a good match, wish them luck and say thank you for the deal.

Home from the beef cattle show 2024

Just got home after a few good days in Aars. We would like to start by praising the beautifully arranged show.
As you know, we exhibited with three catalog numbers (four animals). The first animal yesterday (Friday ed.) for the individual evaluation was Bloksdal Unika (Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Opal). She was number one in its group with 23p and received a good grade from judge Mads Bjerregaard. She was later to go to an honorary prize competition.
The next animal in the arena was Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) with her calf Bloksdal UltraBelle (Glasgow). These also came first in their group with 23p and therefore also had to take part in the honorary prize competition later in the day. Last animal was Bloksdal Opal (Cristal-DK x Bloksdal Hæmatit). A good group of cows where Opal came second, but only with 22p.
For the honor prize competition, there were five honor prizes and Mirabelle with calf came just outside the honor prizes. In return, Unika was awarded an honorary prize and was second best heifer.
Today (Saturday ed.) we took part in the cross-country competition in the show’s “best calf”, where Bloksdal UltraBelle (Glasgow x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET) came in the top five. The calf weighed almost 400 kg at the time of the show and is approx. seven months. We are very impressed with that, because we don’t have barn conditions which mean that it has been able to go into the calf shelter and get supplemental feed.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped make the days for this year’s Beef Cattle Show some good days, we at Bloksdal Charolais have at least enjoyed all the days this year. We would like to congratulate everyone on their prizes and placings.

Beef cattle show 2024

This year we have chosen to participate in Kødkvægsskue Nord. It is normally held in Herning, but this year it is more local for us in Aars. We would like to support this, even if the show is not optimal in relation to the time of year for our herd.
We participate with two cows, one with a calf and one without a calf, as well as a heifer.
First cow is Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle). We have exhibited Mirabelle several times since 2017. This time she is exhibited with a Glasgow (Apache x Dentelle) heifer calf, Bloksdal UltraBelle, which is being exhibited for the first time.
The cow without a calf is Bloksdal Opal (Cristal-DK x Bloksdal Hæmatit). She most recently participated in the Kimbrerskuet 2023 with her calf.
This very calf is also the last animal; Bloksdal Unika (Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Opal), which is a heifer calf from 4 April 2023. We are looking forward to a few pleasant days with friends and colleagues at Kødkvægsskue.


Hoof trimming

We have had a visit from our regular hoof trimmer. The animals for the upcoming beef cattle show on 8-9. March 24 in Aars, everyone got a turn in the box and is now completely ready for the show.
Thank you for always good service and treatment at Fjellerad Hoof trimming by Palle Christiansen.


Several of the females that had calves last autumn and winter have been inseminated. They are now ready for a pregnancy test, and we can happily state that we have had four pregnancies out of as many as possible.
The bulls used are the two in the picture; Heracles M, Utrillo-BP also Onedream P.
Only four sperm straws were used for these pregnancies, so big praise and thanks must also be given to the inseminators, Ole Kjærgaard Simonsen and Alice Amdi-Christensen.

First calf of the year

This weekend we had the first calf of the year.

The calf is by Bloksdal Special Lady (Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal MiLady). Special Lady is actually quite special to us, she has already achieved the magical 24 points at several animal shows a total of four times.

She herself gave birth to the 42 kg calf, which is a heifer calf by Lorsini (Agronome x Instance). The calf will get number 432 and will be called Bloksdal Victoire.