Looking back at the local show in Hjørring 2019

Today is exactly one year ago since we last visited the local show in Hjørring. Unfortunately, it was canceled this year because of COVID-19.
Nevertheless, we would like to juse this opportunity to look back, on a fantastic show for Bloksdal Charolais.
In 2019, this show was the third largest Charolais show in Denmark, and we succeeded in winning the best Charolais animal on the show with our heifer Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET. Mirabelle is an embryo bought at Elevage Sallé Charolais and is after Vaillant x Anabelle.
In a few weeks we should have been to “The National Show” in Herning, which is also canceled due to the pandemic, why we can now only look forward to the autumn, where we hope that Kimbrerskue in Aars will be held and we can again come to the show and be with good friends and colleagues.
Good summer from all of us at Bloksdal Charolais.

Animals on grass 2020

We got a great deal of our animals out over the weekend. So they are now ready to go to our meadows around Ferslev all summer.

Many different tasks

A lot of different things is happening on the farm right now and it can be difficult to remember and tell about it all.
In the last 14 days we have completed the
fieldwork, made fences in the meadow, mowed calves, renovated calf hide, bought new livestock trailer and field sprayer.
The biggest project, however, is to knock the facade plaster to the stable, so that it can again look nice and presentable.
Well there is enough shame to watch, as well as make at BLOKSDAL CHAROLAIS.

Bull sold

Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. (Burgogne x Une Fleur), which has been leased to Lars Thomsen in Frederikshavn for the past three months, has been sold.
He has been sold to Andreas Frost in Egense, who also bought Vanggaard Daddy -ET (Valseur x Bloksdal Butterfly -ET) during his time. Andreas wanted a new big calm bull, which gives light calves and has a high index of milk production. In fact, Linux’s overall S-index is at 119.
We hope that Linux and Andreas will be a good match, wish them luck and say thank you for the deal.
We still have several really promising young bulls for sale as well as females of different ages.

Hoof trimming

Today we got a hoof trimming of eleven cows, a bull and a single heifer. These have preferably gone free in the winter housing with straw. They are now ready to be put on grass when the weather permits.
Thanks to Fjellerad Klovbeskæring at Palle Christiansen for good service and treatment.

The ups and downs of Easter

We start with the downturn. Martin’s old cow Bloksdal Bailey (Vainqueur x Bloksdal Unak -ET) at the age of 14 got a bull calf in the Easter after our one of two stock bulls Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B (Bourgogne x Une Fleur). This was her live born calf No. 12. She gave birth to it herself and everything went according to plan. The day after, the calf unfortunately died behind her for unexplained reasons.

At sunday Martin’s second cow Bloksdal MiLady (Bloksdal Juvel x Bloksdal Unak -ET) on 4 years, got his second calf. This time a calf after our second stock bull Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B (Vaillant x Anabelle). The calf weighed 57 kg at the birth of sheep number 391 and is called Bloksdal Roman.

Charolais Bull fore sale

If you need a new stock bull in your herd – look here:

Bloksdal Pernod (Born: 27-04-19) is incredibly calm and meaty bull and at the same time with an S-index on 110.

His birth weight was 48 kg, the 200 day weight was 343 and the annual weight is 633 kg.

His mother, Bailey, is about to be an older lady who has delivered many good calves over time. She has even won an honorary prize at The National show. It is possible to see several animals from the same family.

His father is Linux, which is imported from France as an embryo from Earl Sallé. We have been using Linux for three seasons and have many good calves that are lightweight and viable as well as have good growth and temperament. It will be possible to see more offspring after Linux.

Pedigree: https://bloksdal.dk/besaetning-2/tyre-2/bloksdal-pernod-378/

If you are interested in heifers or cows, we also have several for sale.

Bright spot in a difficult time

In these Corona times we still have a farm to look after, so while some train for the summer – hopefully upcoming – animal shows, others do spring work in the field.

Animal number one:
Bloksdal Pearl (Bloksdal Matador -ET VB x Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET)

Animal number two:
Bloksdal Pilou (Cristal -DK x Bloksdal Miva)

Animal number three:
Bloksdal Premiere Bell (Lorsini x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET)

Incidentally, more or less the first time they are in halter and the two rear have just been taken from their mother one week ago.

A nice email

Yesterday we received the following message and picture.

Hi Karsten and family We have now had Bloksdal Ole (Bloksdal Linux –ET VB x Bloksdal Ily) for a year. We got the first three calves after him. The three calves have all had a size, so the two heifers and one cow have been able to feed themselves. Ole is very gently – both in the barn and on the field last summer. He is calm when people pass by – and we could catch a calving cow without him coming and interfering. So, so far, he’s a bargain. Sincerely Ulla and Kristian, Djursland

It is always nice to hear from owners of animals there are sold to livelihood, especially when there was a special focus on easy calving and temper for the above sales and owners.

We may also have your next Charolais animal walking around in our farm. We currently have several bulls, heifers and cows for sale. Check our sales list on this website or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Five inseminations produced four pregnancies

Over the weekend we have had three cows and one large heifer examined. They all turned out to be with calf and only one is inseminated twice. Therefore, in the autumn we must have calves for the following French bulls: Japon Pp, Glasgow, Cristal-DK and Lorsini.