Our best cow

Today’s cow is also Anders’ and is presented on Karsten’s birthday.

Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET is from 3 December 2016 and has given birth to a single calf. She was purchased as an embryo at Elevage Salle Charolais. We bought three embryos and got three calves, which in addition to Mirabelle is our current fold bull Bloksdal Matador -ET.
Mirabelle belongs to Anders and is one of our best cows despite her young age.
She is after the famous French bull Vaillant (Port Royal x Nivea), while on the mother side she is after Anabelle (Major x Sylvette). In other words, there are top animals across the line, and several of them have won large shows in France.
Mirabelle has also already made herself positively noticed at the Danish shows, where she, among other things. has won the predicates; The show’s best heifer, best insemination heifer and the show’s best Charolais animals and achieved 24 points several times.
She is currently pregnant with Glasgow (Apache x Dentelle) and is due to calve by December.

Today’s cow: Bloksdal Miva

Today’s cow is one of Anders’ two cows, Bloksdal Miva.
Miva was born on April 12, 2016 and has given birth to two calves. She is on the father side after Bloksdal Juvel (Utrillo-BP x Bloksdal Diamant -ET) while on the mother side she is after Bloksdal Diva (Vainqueur x Bloksdal Smulle).
Miva’s grandmother, Diva, was Anders’ confirmation gift and Miva is thus a descendant of it.
Miva is herself a medium sized cow but with incredibly high indices as well as an nice temperament. In addition, she breeds excellently. In fact, we should have exhibited a super bull calf after her for the just-canceled Kimbrerskue.

Today’s cow is Liqueur

We have reached cow number seven out of 12. Today’s cow is Bloksdal Liqueur (335). She is from them 02. August 2015 and has had three calves. She is after our previous animal show bull Vanggaard Daddy -ET (Valseur x Bloksdal Butterfly -ET) and Bloksdal Bailey (Vainqueur x Bloksdal Unak -ET).
Despite having several show winners in her pedigree, Bloksdal Liqueur has never participated in a show. On the other hand, she is the mother of a really good heifer calf, which we had been looking forward to showing off at the canceled Kimbrerskue.

Today’s cow

After a short break due to the harvest and calving, etc., we are now ready for round two in our presentation of the herd.
Today’s cow is Bloksdal Lavendel (333). She is from 29 May 2015 and has given birth to two calves. She is now pregnant with our stockbull Bloksdal Matador -ET VB (Vaillant x Anabelle). She is also after a stockbull and a cow that we have bred ourselves; Bloksdal Invincible and Bloksdal Dahlia. Behind these, however, are well-known older French top bulls, including Utrillo-BP and Igloo.Mic.
We have taken her to the show once, where she did well and got 23 points. A young cow with lots of meat.

Autumn work with the Charolais has begun

The summer is over and we have therefore brought the first animals home from the meadow.
We have brought home three cows and four calves. Some of the animals are enclosed on ryegrass, while others have entered the barn. We always turn cow and calf apart by separating them indoors. In a week, the cows will be closed to grass again.
Immediately after the calves came to the barn, Kristina started to cut them. A good and productive day at Bloksdal Charolais.

Mucking out the cow shed

This weekend we got the mold out of the barn and plowed it into the ground. Even though there has been some water lately, the ground is still almost dry. Thanks for helping Gregers Jensen, Oppelstrup.

Kimbrerskuet 2020 has been canceled

The Kimbrerskuet has just officially canceled the planne show on 2 – 4 October 2020 in Aars.

The board of directors behind the Kimbrerskuet justifies the cancellation with the ongoing outbreak of infection with new cases of Corona virus.
It is a cancellation that we at Bloksdal Charolais support 100%, even though we had been looking forward to showing our animals and spending some days with friends and colleagues.

We should have shown two heifers and one bull calf at the show. It is the first time in several decades that Bloksdal Charolais goes through an entire calendar year without having to go to an animal show.

The harvest of 2020 is completed

Today we have brought the last straw home. This year it was some really fine and dry straw. We have made 150 Morten Korch bales (small bales) and made 253 big bales for feed and bedding.
Thanks for the help with this year’s pressing of the different types of bales for Ole Sand and Egehøj Agro by Mogens Nielsen.

Autumn 2020

Today we have started harvesting our own grain. This afternoon and evening, a good 8 ha of wheat and a little barley have been harvested. This for the wheat with a satisfactory result. This year, wheat yielded just over 9 tonnes per hectare. ha. and it is harvested with just under 15% water. The result for the barley is unknown at the time of writing.

5 days old

When you are five days old and already have to come with your mother out in this lovely weather (Iris de Bat with her calf Bloksdal Riis)