Kimbrerskuet 2021

The Kimbrerskuet announced for approx. 14 days ago that they plan to hold the annual show in Aars on 8-9. October 2021. We have pre-registered 4 catalog numbers and are currently figuring out who we should bring.

The National Show 2021

Yesterday and today we should have been in the manege with our animals for the National Show in Herning. This was again this year canceled due to the pandemic.
Fortunately, we have this good memory with Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) as a heifer in 2019. Time has passed and as you could see here on the facebook page yesterday, Mirabelle is now a big second calf cow.

Late in the season or early in the season?

That’s the good question. We usually have calving season from October to March, so the fact is that this calf is born outside our normal season. Fortunately and most importantly, we got a healthy and fresh calf and everything went as it should.
It is Martin’s heifer, Bloksdal Olympia (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Champion), who has had his first calf. The calf is a heifer calf of 45 kg after Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. (Vaillant x Anabelle).
It was Kristina and Martin who received the calf, together with Kristina’s good friend and colleague Karina, when Helle and Karsten were on a weekend in Southern Jutland.
The calf has genes from Elevage Sallé Charolais in two parts, as both Linux and Matador are embryos purchased from them. It is therefore obvious that the calf should be named Bloksdal Sallé Star and get no. 404.

Hjørring dyrskue 2021

This weekend we should have been to the local show in Hjørring again. This is like so much else canceled this summer, due to the corona pandemic. It is the first time since we started exhibiting at the show in Hjørring, that we miss the show two years in a row. Last year we did a look back at 2019, where Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) became the best Charolais animal at the show. This year we have therefore chosen to look even further back. Our former bull Vanggaard Daddy -ET (Valseur x Bloksdal Butterfly -ET) won in 2013 the award best male across all animals at the show (interbreed winner) and was on radio ANR. The following year in 2014, he became the show’s best Charolais bull. Daddy was an incredibly good Charolais bull with a good temperament. Which he also proved in 2015, when he was live on the local Tv stations studio, TV2 Nord

Watch or rewatch the 2015 broadcast.

Bloksdal Rubin (397) sold

We have sold Bloksdal Rubin (Lorsini x Bloksdal Opal) to Jan Stistrup from Hobro. Jan wanted a calm bull calf, which gives light calving and has a high index for milk production. Rubin fulfills to the fullest these desires – in fact, Rubin’s index of both milk and birth is 116. We hope that Rubin and Jan will be a good match, wish good luck and say thank you for the deal. We still have several really promising young bulls for sale as well as females of different ages. If interested, check the tab “animals for sale”, and feel free to contact us online or by telephone (+4551714574).

The animals on the farm

We have now got almost all the animals out. We currently only have six ready-to-sell bull calves at home as well as this heifer which will soon have a calf.
The heifer in the video is Bloksdal Olympia (365). She is after Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. and Bloksdal Champion and expecting a calf after Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B.

Another really good 200 day weight

Today we have another bull calf, which has performed a nice 200 days weight.
This time it is Bloksdal Rambo. He was born 200 days ago today, and this morning he weight 368 kg. This gives him an average daily gain of 1555 grams.
The average weight of 200 days for Charolais bull calves in Denmark is 343 kg. Rambo is after the French bull Cristal from GAEC Merlet. On the mother side, he is after Bloksdal Jelana, who is a large breed-typical cow with many qualities. Jelana’s father is Utrillo-BP, he is also French and from SCEA Raymond.
Bloksdal Rambo is for sale.

Fantastic 200 dgs weight.

Bloksdal Ronaldo P turns 200 today and he celebrates this with a really nice weight. He weighed 412 kg this morning, which means he has gained an average of 1,785 kg per. day since he was born.
Ronaldo is polled and after the French bull Japon SC (Gaec Giraud). On the mother side he is after Bloksdal Miva. Miva is a tall and long cow with amazing indexes. Indexes that means that she is designated by the Danish Charolais Association as a potential bull mother.

More animals on grass

Kr. Ascension Day is drawing to an end and today we have got more animals out on the grass. Three cows and three calves have come down into the meadow, to the animals we shut out about ten days ago.
In addition, three cows and one calf have come out on another piece of meadow.

National show 2021 canceled

As expected and understandable, this year’s national show in Herning has also been canceled.
Like last year, it has been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19).
Unlike last year and luckily there is now more light at the end of the tunnel. We can look forward to everyone who wants it, can be vaccinated and society can hopefully open up all over again as soon as possible.
The last opportunity for an animal show in 2021 will for us now be the Kimbrerskuet in Aars in October.