Bright spot in a difficult time

In these Corona times we still have a farm to look after, so while some train for the summer – hopefully upcoming – animal shows, others do spring work in the field.

Animal number one:
Bloksdal Pearl (Bloksdal Matador -ET VB x Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET)

Animal number two:
Bloksdal Pilou (Cristal -DK x Bloksdal Miva)

Animal number three:
Bloksdal Premiere Bell (Lorsini x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET)

Incidentally, more or less the first time they are in halter and the two rear have just been taken from their mother one week ago.

A nice email

Yesterday we received the following message and picture.

Hi Karsten and family We have now had Bloksdal Ole (Bloksdal Linux –ET VB x Bloksdal Ily) for a year. We got the first three calves after him. The three calves have all had a size, so the two heifers and one cow have been able to feed themselves. Ole is very gently – both in the barn and on the field last summer. He is calm when people pass by – and we could catch a calving cow without him coming and interfering. So, so far, he’s a bargain. Sincerely Ulla and Kristian, Djursland

It is always nice to hear from owners of animals there are sold to livelihood, especially when there was a special focus on easy calving and temper for the above sales and owners.

We may also have your next Charolais animal walking around in our farm. We currently have several bulls, heifers and cows for sale. Check our sales list on this website or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Five inseminations produced four pregnancies

Over the weekend we have had three cows and one large heifer examined. They all turned out to be with calf and only one is inseminated twice. Therefore, in the autumn we must have calves for the following French bulls: Japon Pp, Glasgow, Cristal-DK and Lorsini.

Four calves in less than 12 months

Kristina’s cow, Bloksdal Holly V.B. (Aros Hvirring x Bloksdal Smilla V.B.), got a set of twins this afternoon. She also did this at the last calving, March 1, 2019, where she received two heifer calves. This time, however, one of each sex.

Holly gave birth to the heifer calf herself, while the bull calf needed some help as it was born backwards. The heifer calf weighed 39 kg at birth and should be called Bloksdal Roberta (388) while the bull calf weighed 32 kg and should be called Bloksdal Robert (389).

The calves are after our rented stock bull Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. (Bourgogne x Une Fleur) and are both very fresh.

An eventful weekend

We closed the gate to the barn this weekend, so the animals no longer can go in and out. In the next months, they will all have to be in the barn. Shortly after the gate was closed we started moving around some of the animals, so they now go in the units we would like (cows with calf and cows without calf). We are still missing seven calves this season. Finally, the big cutting work started for our regular cattle mower, Kristina.

Thank you for following us

When “THANKS” is just a poor word and what a great way to start the year 2020. Last week we rounded 1500 “likes” on Facebook while wee a few weeks ago rounded 500 followers on Instagram.
We enjoy working with the animals and love to share both the ups and downs regarding these amazing white animals.
Thank you all so much.

Bull rental

Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. (Bourgogne x Une Fleur) has been picked up this evening. We have rented him out for a few months to Lars Thomsen, Frederikshavn.
Lars has a larger herd with Charolais and Galloway and was missing a bull fore a few months. This harmonized well compared to the fact that we had difficulty housing two large bulls in the upcoming time.
For a long time Linux has been one of the best bulls in Denmark in terms of various indexes – he is very positive for calving and milk, among many other things.
In the coming months we will therefore inseminate more of our female animals, while our other stock bull Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. (Vaillant x Anabelle) will inseminate the rest of the female animals.

Bloksdal has got a Rolls Royce

Today we got this year’s first new calf. This time it was Bloksdal Mercedes P (Uvejr Av Strömsnäs x Bloksdal Elana -ET) who gave birth to a polled bull calf. The calf is after our stockbull bull Bloksdal Linux -ET (Bourgogne x Une Fleur) and weighed about 50 kg. The calf gets number 387 and is called Bloksdal Rolls Royce P.

Hoof trimming

Today we have had four animals pruned, which for one other reason needed it. Thanks to Fjellerad Klov Pruning at Palle Christiansen for good service and treatment.

Happy New Year

Bloksdal Charolais would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past year, which offered many good experiences. We all wish a happy New Year.