Heifers for sale

We have ongoing sales of breeding heifers, pregnant heifers for breeding. If you are interested in good animals with high indexes, please feel free to contact us.


Bloksdal Pippa37421/03/19Bloksdal Linux -ET VBBloksdal Holly VB37 kg
235 kg
442 kg
Bloksdal Pjok37623/03/19Bloksdal Linux -ET VBBloksdal Ily37 kg
256 kg
449 kg
Bloksdal Paris38008/05/19Bloksdal Linux -ET VBIris de Bat45 kg
213 kg
449 kg
Bloksdal Pinocolada38407/11/19Bloksdal Linux -ET VBBloksdal Liqueur57 kg
293 kg

Bloksdal Price38621/12/19LorsiniBloksdal Nobel40 kg