Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Anabelle x Vaillant). Skuets bedste kvie efter insemineringstyr på tværs af alle kødkvægsracer på Kimbrerskuet 2018
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Kimbrerskuet 2013
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Hjørring dyrskue 2014
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais dyr og interbreed vinder Hjørring dyrskue 2013
Bloksdal Unik -ET Skuet bedste Charolais kvie Landsskuet 2005
Gabslund Pondus Skuets bedste Charolais handyr Kødkvægsskuet 2003
Bloksdal Irma Skuets bedste Charolais ko og 2. bedste dyr Kimbrerskuet 2000
Landsskuet 2019(1)
Landsskuet 2019
Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Bloksdal Unik -ET
Gabslund Pondus
Bloksdal Irma

Third polled calf in one month

High on the result of the show we attended this weekend, we completely forgot to tell that we also got a new calf.Kristina’s heifer, Bloksdal Pippi V.B. (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Holly V.B.), gave birth to a bull calf on Saturday night. The calf is after the Swedish polled bull, VB Gustav. The …

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Returned from a fantastic show in Aars.

The Kimbrerskuet 2021 was a great success for Bloksdal Charolais. We exhibited five catalog numbers. The first animal in the ring was Bloksdal Ronaldo P (Japon Sc x Bloksdal Miva). Ronaldo was in a team with three other good bulls, where he got good characterization from the French referee and got 23 points. The next …

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New polled calf

Today we have another new polled heifer calf. This time the father was the French polled bull Japon Sc. The mother was Anders ’cow Bloksdal Miva (Bloksdal Juvel x Bloksdal Diva). Due to its high S-index of 123, Miva has been selected as a potential bull mother by the Danish Charolais Association. Among other things, …

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Polled calf

Today we got another new Bloksdal member. Bloksdal Olana (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Jelena) got a calf. Olana had calved herself when Karsten came out in the morning to feed. The calf is a polled heifer calf after Uvejr Av Strömsnäs and weighs 43 kg at birth. It will be no. 407 and …

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