Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Anabelle x Vaillant). Skuets bedste kvie efter insemineringstyr på tværs af alle kødkvægsracer på Kimbrerskuet 2018
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Kimbrerskuet 2013
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Hjørring dyrskue 2014
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais dyr og interbreed vinder Hjørring dyrskue 2013
Bloksdal Special Lady
Landsskuet 2019(1)
Landsskuet 2019
Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET

Last show for this year

Yesterday was the last registration for this year’s Kimbrerskuet, which will be held on 6-7. October in Messecenter Vesthimmerland in Aars. True to tradition, we exhibit at this show, where there is usually a large Charolais following with high quality animals. This year we are exhibiting five animals (four catalog numbers). Two of the animals …

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Very beautiful

We got a really exciting calf on Sunday 13 August 23. The calf is by our best cow Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Vaillant x Anabelle) and the top French bull Glasgow (Apache x Dentelle). The calf, which is a heifer calf, is therefore a full sister to Bloksdal Rosabelle, who was recently voted second best heifer …

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Successful barbecue event

Yesterday we had a little over 100 guests visiting for a nice get-together and talk about beef cattle. We showed off our farm and herd and told about our daily life with the animals. We had a lovely evening where we could tell a little about our family and passion for Charolais and hopefully pass …

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The national show

For the second year in a row, we were at the forefront of the competition to be awarded Denmark’s best heifer at the National Show, where last year we won with Bloksdal Piña Colada (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Liqueur) and came third with Bloksdal Special Lady ( Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B. x Bloksdal …

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