Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Anabelle x Vaillant). Skuets bedste kvie efter insemineringstyr på tværs af alle kødkvægsracer på Kimbrerskuet 2018
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Kimbrerskuet 2013
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Hjørring dyrskue 2014
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais dyr og interbreed vinder Hjørring dyrskue 2013
Bloksdal Special Lady
Landsskuet 2019(1)
Landsskuet 2019
Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET

3 polled bull calf in a row

Friday we got the third polled bull calf in a row. Bloksdal Miva (Bloksdal Juvel x Bloksdal Diva) has now also had three polled bull calves. She gave birth to the third on this Friday. The previous two have both been sold on for breeding. This polled calf is by Nobel PP (Indou PP x …

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Charolais Day over

Denmark’s Charolais Association has today held Charolais Day on our farm. There were around 30 registered, so it’s great that people want to support and participate in such an event. The day started with breakfast at 10, after which we told and showed off our herd. At the end, there were sandwiches and a report …

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New polled bull calf

We have another new calf. This time it was the oldest of the herd, Iris de Bat, which Kristina bought many years ago from Carsten Kjærgaard. Iris de Bat (Ecrin de Bat x Celeste de Bat) is almost 11 years old and had her ninth calf on Friday. This calf is by Uvejr Av Strömsnäs …

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Charolais day

Remember the latest registration for Charolais day at Bloksdal Charolais is 15/11-23 to or +45 30502125. Event is on Saturday 18/11-23 at 10 with us at the address: Nøvlingvej 280, 9230

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