Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Anabelle x Vaillant). Skuets bedste kvie efter insemineringstyr på tværs af alle kødkvægsracer på Kimbrerskuet 2018
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Kimbrerskuet 2013
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Hjørring dyrskue 2014
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais dyr og interbreed vinder Hjørring dyrskue 2013
Bloksdal Unik -ET Skuet bedste Charolais kvie Landsskuet 2005
Gabslund Pondus Skuets bedste Charolais handyr Kødkvægsskuet 2003
Bloksdal Irma Skuets bedste Charolais ko og 2. bedste dyr Kimbrerskuet 2000
Landsskuet 2019(1)
Landsskuet 2019
Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Bloksdal Unik -ET
Gabslund Pondus
Bloksdal Irma

Bloksdal Rubin (397) sold

We have sold Bloksdal Rubin (Lorsini x Bloksdal Opal) to Jan Stistrup from Hobro. Jan wanted a calm bull calf, which gives light calving and has a high index for milk production. Rubin fulfills to the fullest these desires – in fact, Rubin’s index of both milk and birth is 116. We hope that Rubin and …

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The animals on the farm

We have now got almost all the animals out. We currently only have six ready-to-sell bull calves at home as well as this heifer which will soon have a calf.The heifer in the video is Bloksdal Olympia (365). She is after Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. and Bloksdal Champion and expecting a calf after Bloksdal Matador …

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Another really good 200 day weight

Today we have another bull calf, which has performed a nice 200 days weight.This time it is Bloksdal Rambo. He was born 200 days ago today, and this morning he weight 368 kg. This gives him an average daily gain of 1555 grams.The average weight of 200 days for Charolais bull calves in Denmark is …

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Fantastic 200 dgs weight.

Bloksdal Ronaldo P turns 200 today and he celebrates this with a really nice weight. He weighed 412 kg this morning, which means he has gained an average of 1,785 kg per. day since he was born.Ronaldo is polled and after the French bull Japon SC (Gaec Giraud). On the mother side he is after …

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