Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET (Anabelle x Vaillant). Skuets bedste kvie efter insemineringstyr på tværs af alle kødkvægsracer på Kimbrerskuet 2018
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Kimbrerskuet 2013
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais handyr Hjørring dyrskue 2014
Vanggaard Daddy -ET Skuet bedste Charolais dyr og interbreed vinder Hjørring dyrskue 2013
Bloksdal Special Lady
Landsskuet 2019(1)
Landsskuet 2019
Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET
Vanggaard Daddy -ET

First animal in the meadow

This week we got the first animals to graze in the meadow. It is always nice to get the animals out and on grass after a long and wet winter.Parts of the meadows are still too wet for us to let the last animals out. The potential show animals are on grass around the farm, …

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Hoof trimming

As usual, we have had a visit from our regular hoof trimming, Fjellerad Hoof Trimming at Palle Christiansen. We do this at least once a year before the animals come to graze. We had several through the box, all of whom did well. Now we are just waiting for some better weather so that we …

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New calf

We got a little new calf this week. It is Martin’s cow Bloksdal MiLady (Vanggaard Daddy -ET x Bloksdal Unak -ET) thathas had another calf. She also did that 333 days ago, which is a very nice calving interval. The calf is by the French bull Marechal (Izoard x Ironie), which the Danish Charolais Association …

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Evaluation of animals

Last week we had a visit from Torben Andersen, who came and judged four 1st Calf cows and two bulls. The average for the six animals was 85.7 overall. All adult animals in our herd are now qualified, and the average is 86, which we are quite satisfied with (80 is the national average).

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