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Cows for sale

We have ongoing sales of cows with or without calf for breeding. If you are interested in good animals with high indexes, please feel free to contact us

Bloksdal Lavendel33329/05/15Bloksdal InvincibleBloksdal Dahlia

Bloksdal Liqueur33502/04/15Vanggaard Daddy -ETBloksdal Bailey45 kg
291 kg
439 kg
Bloksdal Miva34012/04/16Bloksdal JuvelBloksdal Diva52 kg
284 kg
426 kg
Bloksdal Mercedes P34913/12/16Uvejr av StrömsnäsBloksdal Elana -ET59 kg
279 kg
489 kg
Bloksdal Orkide37117/11/18Bloksdal InvincibleBloksdal Dahlia