Bulls used in the herd

In the choice of breeding and insemination management, great emphasis is placed on choosing bulls that can meet our breeding goals. If female animals are to be produced which will be included in the herd in the future, one type of bull must be used, another male (slaughter calf) must be used and another type of bull fore first calving cows.

On our farm we have a single bull that goes out in the summer in our fields and pairs the cows with we put him together with. The rest we pair with various insemination bulls, such as one of the following. Around mid-October, we have all the animals walking around the farm. If there are some that the inseminator has not been able to get with the calf, they are put together with the bull here.

In general, we listen and look at our own experiences and  what the Charolais Association is suggesting regarding easy calving bulls fore heifers and other types of bulls fore show winning animals. The pictures below show primarily bulls that we have used on our better females.