20-year event

In North Jutland, we fortunately escaped the worst part of the storm, but unfortunately we have another rare incident to report on.
Last week, a week before the due date, Bloksdal Rosabelle (Glasgow x Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET) started calving. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a so-called breech birth, which means that the calf was born rear first. We therefore had to get hold of the vet, who unfortunately could do nothing but get a dead heifer out. When this one was out we discovered another calf, a bull calf which unfortunately was also stillborn.
It was the second time within the last year that one of our zoo heifers had twins, this time unfortunately with a negative result. The calves were after VB Gustav.
Rosabelle was awarded the title of second best Charolais heifer at the national show in Herning in 2023, where the picture is from.

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