Bloksdal Holly V.B.

Another of the herd’s oldest animals. This time 8 year old Bloksdal Holly VB. Holly is currently walking with her calves number 6 and 7. In fact, Holly has managed to get her last four calves in under 12 months.
Holly is on the father side after Aros Hvirring (Birkely Mark x Ofelia Hvirring). Aros was bought from Bjarne Pagh and was for a long time the best tested charolais bull in terms of low feed consumption in Denmark.
On the mother side she is after Bloksdal Smilla V.B. (Irlandais x Grønstedet Flance -ET). Grønstedet Flance was a large show cow from Alice and Gunnar Jensen, with they won many prizes and which we bought from themwhen they sold their herd.

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