Charolais Bull fore sale

If you need a new stock bull in your herd – look here:

Bloksdal Pernod (Born: 27-04-19) is incredibly calm and meaty bull and at the same time with an S-index on 110.

His birth weight was 48 kg, the 200 day weight was 343 and the annual weight is 633 kg.

His mother, Bailey, is about to be an older lady who has delivered many good calves over time. She has even won an honorary prize at The National show. It is possible to see several animals from the same family.

His father is Linux, which is imported from France as an embryo from Earl Sallé. We have been using Linux for three seasons and have many good calves that are lightweight and viable as well as have good growth and temperament. It will be possible to see more offspring after Linux.


If you are interested in heifers or cows, we also have several for sale.

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