Denmark’s best Charolais heifer has become a cow

At The National Show this summer, the French judge David Riviere awarded Bloksdal Piña Colada (Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B. x Bloksdal Liqueur) the title “best Charolais heifer”.

This she is no longer, as she has now calved for the first time and has thereby become a cow. She has become the mother of not just one fresh polled bull calf, but actually two of her kind. She gave birth to the first calf herself without any problems, but got a little help when we discovered there were twins.

The calf’s father is the polled bull Gustav av Skalltorp. The calves weighed respectively 38 and 42 kg at birth and must be called Bloksdal Thor P V.B. (418) and Bloksdal Tuborg P V.B. (419).

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