First calving of the season

Today, we surprisingly got the first calf of the season. Kristina’s cow, Iris de Bat (Ecrin de Bat x Celeste de Bat), had a fresh heifer calf. We had taken Iris home from the meadow a few weeks ago, as she was due to have a calf soon. However, there were still about three weeks and that is why we were also very surprised when we came home from work yesterday and there was a newborn calf and the cow was in the process of being nursed in the paddock around the farm.

The nearly 10-year-old cow, which is also the herd’s oldest, had herself given birth to the 48 kg calf, which is by Iceberg PP (Flamme P x Forgeot P). The calf will be numbered 415 and will be called Bloksdal Tiktok P V.B.

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