The year that went

2021 is fast approaching. Here at Bloksdal, we would like to look back on the year 2020, and come up with a small report on this.
2020 was the year where we, due to the worldwide pandemic (COVID-19), did not go to any shows. We had otherwise this year looked forward to participating with more debutants.
Since we can not come up with any animal show reports, this year we have chosen to take a closer look at numbers and indices. The Charolais breed’s average for S-index is 101, while in our herd it is 107. In the year 2020 we have 1.1 calves per. year shoes against the race average of 0.9. The average age at 1 calving is 25.9 months in our herd against the 30.2 months, which is the average of the breed.
Annual weight of bull calves in our herd is 661 kg, while at national level it is 603 kg. For heifers, the national average is 478 kg, where in our herd it is 470 kg.
This year we have had 13 calves on 12 calves. This year we have sold 3 animals for breeding (2 bulls and 1 heifer). We still want to slim down our herd and therefore have regular animals for sale, which is why interested and visitors are always welcome.
In conclusion, we would like to say thank you to all the guests and visitors that we have had here on the farm. We all wish you a Happy New Year.

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