Bloksdal Jelena has had a calf

ThisThis afternoon our good neighbor Kaj called us to tell that we have got a new calf. The mother was still at grass by Kaj and his wife Klara, on land we rented from them. We were very excited when we drove over to bring mom and calf home, as we did not mean to have some pregnant animals at this time. But Bloksdal Jelana (Utrillo-BP x Bloksdal Elana -ET) walked around with a fresh bull calf. The calf is after our folding bull Bloksdal Linux -ET VB (Bourgogne x Une Fleur) which is why the calving date has cheated us and the inseminator. Cow and calf have now been brought home and are dry and well in the barn, while the calf has also been weighed. It has a birth weight of 56 kg, number 385 and is called Bloksdal Pondus.

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