Successful rating of the herd

Last Friday we had Inspector Torben Andersen to visit our herd. He should rate the animals that were not previously rated, which was a bull and seven cows – thus all the animals in our herd are now rated. Today’s result in averaged was 85,7 and we have no below 82,0 on average. The national average is 80,0 so we are proud of this result. All of our animals are pure-bred Charolais with average S-index of 107, with an average of 100. Over the past 12 months we have had 1.2 calves per year per cow-year. This is also pretty good as the breed average is 0.9 calves per year. So the conclusion is that Bloksdal Charolais is doing pretty well. It’s nice, it’s not just the few animals we bring to animal show that are successful. But that whole herd in general is doing well and are over average.

Picture: Bloksdal MiLady (341).

Born on April 17, 2016.

Father: Bloksdal Juvel (Utrillo-BP x Bloksdal Diamant -ET).

Mother: Bloksdal Unak -ET (Major x Pekoline Hedevang).

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