Breeding bull for sale

If you are missing a new breeding bull, continue reading this.

Bloksdal Charolais has this bull calf for sale. Bloksdal Red Bull (400).
Red Bull is from 19 / 12-20 after our current stockbull Bloksdal Matador -ET and Bloksdal Liqueur.
Matador, is the son of show winners in France (Vaillant x Anabelle from @pierreyvessalle), while his mother Liqueur (Vanggaard Daddy x Bloksdal Bailey) is show winners from Denmark.
In other words, the pedigree is top notch but also numbers and temperament are perfectly fine. He is very typical of the breed, has a good topline and meat composition.

If interested contact:
Karsten Brødbæk – 51714574 or

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