Happy New Year

We from Bloksdal Charolais would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2021 was another year marked by Covid-19. Fortunately, everyday life with our animals is not affected by this. We managed to get to a show in 2021 where we exhibited five animals and all five participated in the honorary award competition. We won two honorary awards and the title “Best Young Bull”. In addition, it was great to see friends and colleagues again. During the year, we sold six animals for livestock – three bulls, two cows and a calf. We hope the animals are well in their new environment. After several years of talking about getting a little down in cow numbers, it finally succeeds this year – we are now down to 10 cows plus breeding. We have several exciting heifers on the road, so the future is assured. Two of our cows have been designated by the Danish Charolais Association to be bull mothers. We have got 1.1 calves per. year cow, the annual weights of our bull calves have been 633 kg, where the breed average is 619 kg. At the heifers the annual weight was 494 kg and the breed average was 467 kg. In conclusion, we would like to say thank you to all the guests and visitors that we have had here on the farm. We all wish you a Happy New Year.

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