Examination of pregnancy

We are waiting for the last calves and for the weather to allow some field work. In the meantime, we have had the last females examined for pregnancy.

We can therefore inform you that we expect calves from the following bulls this autumn;

  • Major (Berlioz x Charmille)
  • Glasgow (Apache x Dentelle)
  • Heracles (Royal Excellent x Demoiselle)
  • Utrillo-BP (Major x Fatcha)
  • Nobel PP (Indou PP x Jamba)
  • Gustav (Akron av Backgården x B.Eria av Skalltorp)
  • Lorsini (Agronomist x Instance)
  • Sapristi (Laurel x Nature)
  • Bloksdal Matador (Vaillant x Anabelle)

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