Fantastic weight

Our new bull Tornado P after the French polled bull Indou PP (Cabar P x Faustine) and Polka Hvirring P (Chic x Katrine Hvirring P), which we bought from Hvirring Charolais from Jette and Bjarne Pagh in December, has today delivered a fantastic 365 day’s weight.

Today he was weighed on a bridge scale, which said an impressive 740 kg. Which is corrected to an annual weight of 708 kg. He weighed 59 kg at birth, which means he has gained 1778 grams per year. day since he was born.

The Danish Charolais breed average for bulls at 365 days is 595 kg, while the average for daily gain is 1490 grams.

We are very excited to follow his continued development, and are still very happy with him and his good temperament.

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