Kimbrerskuet 2020

As you know, the Kimbrerskuet, like so much else, was canceled this year due to the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19). We had looked forward to going to show once again, and spend time together as a family and with good animals and friends. But quite understandably, this show was, as you know, also canceled.

This year we had planned to exhibit 3 debutants;

Bloksdal Perle, 377 – 21 April 19.
Father: Bloksdal Matador -ET V.B.
Mother: Bloksdal Jæmatit -ET.

Bloksdal Pilou, 382 – October 9, 19.
Father: Cristal-DK.
Mother: Bloksdal Miva.

Bloksdal Piña Colada, 384 – November 7, 19.
Father: Bloksdal Linux -ET V.B.
Mother: Bloksdal Liqueur.

We are now instead looking forward to summer where we again hope to get to shows.

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