Our best cow

Today’s cow is also Anders’ and is presented on Karsten’s birthday.

Bloksdal Mirabelle -ET is from 3 December 2016 and has given birth to a single calf. She was purchased as an embryo at Elevage Salle Charolais. We bought three embryos and got three calves, which in addition to Mirabelle is our current fold bull Bloksdal Matador -ET.
Mirabelle belongs to Anders and is one of our best cows despite her young age.
She is after the famous French bull Vaillant (Port Royal x Nivea), while on the mother side she is after Anabelle (Major x Sylvette). In other words, there are top animals across the line, and several of them have won large shows in France.
Mirabelle has also already made herself positively noticed at the Danish shows, where she, among other things. has won the predicates; The show’s best heifer, best insemination heifer and the show’s best Charolais animals and achieved 24 points several times.
She is currently pregnant with Glasgow (Apache x Dentelle) and is due to calve by December.

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